Feeding your pet chinchilla

What do pet chinchillas eat?

Chinchillas should be offered grass hay free-choice (available 24 hours a day). While alfalfa hay can be used, it should not serve as the sole source of hay, because it is too rich and could result in digestive disturbances for your chinchilla. Additionally, they can be fed a small amount (1-2 tablespoons per day) of chinchilla pellets.

Any necessary changes in diet should be made slowly over several days to decrease the chance of gastrointestinal problems.

Do I need to give my chinchilla vitamins?

Chinchillas do not require additional vitamins if fed properly.

Can I offer my chinchilla treats?

As a rule, chinchillas don't require treats, although an occasional offering of fresh vegetables, fruits, or grains is all right. Do not offer any "people food" without checking with your veterinarian first.

What about water?

Water should be left in the cage 24 hours a day. Most owners choose to offer water through a sipper bottle hung in the cage. Check it whenever you change the water (at least daily) to make sure the sipper tube has not become clogged with food.

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