Questions from Chataqua

Do dogs get morning sickness?

Can you deworm a pregnant dog?

Are worn teeth painful to an old dog?

Can you clean a dog’s teeth?

My neighbor band castrated my goat, but he still mounts the does and has 2 small lumps where the scrotum was. What’s up with that?

Who do I call about an extremely underweight horse that I think is being neglected?

How much does it cost to….?

How do I get my autistic son a service dog?

I’m from out of town, and forgot to bring my dog’s Deramaxx with me. Can I get a refill without a prescription?

On a related topic, Deramaxx is expensive, and seems like it gets more expensive every time we refill it! Is there some other arthritis medication we can use?

What should I use to deworm my cat?

Should I feed my old cat dry food or canned food?

My dog acts hungry even though I feed it what the food bag recommends. Should I feed more?

How often do dogs come into heat?

My dog’s nipples got bigger after her first heat, and never got small again. Is that normal?

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