Salmonella Strikes Bearded Dragon Owners

Last updated on 7/9/14

Do you know where the exotcic pet you're thinking of taking home lived before you found it? Hundreds of dead animals [were] found at South Africa airport.

Green Iguana Society has instructions for planning and building appropriate enclosures for lizards.

Creative Cure: Tortoise Gets Artificial Limb, Now Moving on Wheels (Photos & Video)

"When a particular animal species or breed gets a lot of attention, such as through a popular movie or TV show, there's sometimes a major increase in people wanting one as a pet." The Worms & Germs blog warns us to Beware of the "Rango" Effect.

"Outbreak of Human Salmonella Typhimurium Infections Associated with Contact with Water Frogs" warns the Center for Disease Control.

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