Housing your pet ferret

What type of cage does my ferret require?

Ferrets are curious creatures and escape artists, and should be housed in a securely closed and locked enclosure.

Does my ferret need bedding in his cage?

Towels can be used for bedding. Ferrets like to burrow, so the towels can serve this purpose, or a container such as a shoe-box can be placed in the cage.

What else do I need in the cage?

Food and water bowls are often left in the ferret's cage. Since ferrets are naturally playful, it is not uncommon for them to spill their food and water. You might try a heavy ceramic crock (safe for eating and drinking) to prevent this, or a holder for the food and water bowls that easily attaches to the cage. Some owners construct a multi-level "apartment" for their pets; this can be done with wood or cardboard, as long as the ferrets don't chew and swallow the "flooring".

A litter box should also be placed in the cage so that the ferrets can eliminate at will.

A variety of safe toys will help keep your ferret occupied and prevent boredom. Cardboard tubes and boxes or wicker baskets make good "destruction" toys that ferrets will happily disassemble. Sturdier toys of hard plastic can be offered as well. The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting toys is safety - ferrets will chew pieces off many soft toys (rubber or stuffed) and ingest them, which can lead to choking or intestinal obstruction.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Ferrets are very sensitive to heat stroke. It is critical to keep their environmental temperature at or below 85°F (29°C), and make sure their "house" is well ventilated.

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