Current and upcoming (and some past) events:

Heather Brush of Brush Up Training will be running a 4 week Basic Manners class at the Chewelah Veterinary Clinic. Cost is $80 for the course, which covers sit, stay, come, leash skills, and (time allowing) a few tricks.

Classes will be Tuesday at 5:30 PM starting October 24, skipping Halloween so you can still go Trick-Or-Treating.

Please contact our office at 509-935-6424 to sign up; we don't have a huge open space, so class maxes out at 6, and Heather won't be back up until next spring after this one.

Last updated on 9/27/17

Rabies is scary, mostly avoidable, and the World Health Organization has some tips on avoiding dog bites and on what to do if you get bitten. See a few of them here.

Last updated on 10/4/17

2015 events:

Beneful: we know, we've heard, and we went looking for answers. That link is to the best information we could find. We contacted our Purina representative, and she sent along the same information in a slightly different format. If you want to talk, rather than read, about it, feel free to call us.

Last updated on 3/9/15

2014 events:

North Eastern Humane Society meeting November 17, 7 pm at Chewelah High School. Dr. Charlie will be speaking about winter feeding concerns for outdoor animals.

Last updated on 10/30/14

Cats quarantined in Oregon for playing with a rabid bat.

Last updated on 10/13/14

Bonneville County Teen Bit by Rabid Bat

Last updated on 7/9/14

West Nile virus found in mosquitoes in western Idaho

Last updated on 7/9/14

Salmonella Strikes Bearded Dragon Owners

Last updated on 7/9/14

Raw meat could be cause of dead dogs, scientist warns.

Last updated on 4/14/14

Do you know where the exotcic pet you're thinking of taking home lived before you found it? Hundreds of dead animals [were] found at South Africa airport.

Last updated on 2/3/14

Dr. Jes checked animals into the zoo barn at the Northeast Washington Fair again this year. If you entered zoo barn fauna at the fair, we saw you on August 20th.

Last updated on 10/30/14

We placed a coupon in the 2014 Chataqua Edition of the paper, and hope you got a chance to check it out.

Last updated on 7/30/14

We had a booth at the Casino's heath fair, from 10-3 on July 12th, this year.

Last updated on 7/30/14

Eileaha gave a series of presentations for Career Outreach at the Chewelah High School on April 4th covering the fun and exciting Veterinary Assistant job.

Last updated on 7/9/14

Royal Canin was offering a $10 rebate on Urinary SO cat and dog food; back then, you could have askd us for a form when you picked up a bag or case.

Last updated on 7/9/14

On February 28th, the Melody Riders Saddle Club presented a Horse Health Education Seminar.

Last updated on 3/5/14

2013 events:

Royal Canin is no longer offering a rebate on SO dog food; it was a good summer promotion, though.

Last updated on 9/30/13

Dr. Steve did check in at the Valley Fair this weekend.

Last updated on 9/30/13

Doctors Steve and Jessica did fair check-in for the Northeast Washington Fair later this month

Last updated on 9/30/13

Rabid bat incidents prompt warning. Read about it at the Spokesman-Review.

Last updated on 6/20/13

From an article in the New York Post: "Monkeys are not surrogate children, and they’re not little people”

Last updated on 5/15/13

2012 events:

August 11 was check-in at the Valley Fair. Dr. Steve and Dr. Mike were there to evaluate animals coming into the barns.

Last updated on 9/19/12

August 22 was check-in at the Northeast Washington State Fair in Colville. Dr Jes checked animals into the Zoo Barn, and Dr Steve checked in the sheep and pigs.

Last updated on 9/19/12

16 Humans Sickened by Diamond Pet Food - How many Pets?

Last updated on 5/24/12

Questions and Answers Regarding Chicken Jerky Treats from China

Last updated on 3/9/12

March 2nd was Read Across America day. Kellie wanted to read to the kids at Gess Elementary, and answer questions about being a Veterinary Technician but decided it was better to not carry her cold into the school. For more information on Read Across America, go here.

Last updated on 3/9/12

To encourage compliance with new Washington State Rabies law, Chewelah Veterinary Clinic offered 50% off rabies vaccines February 15 – March 15, 2012.

Last updated on 9/19/12

A statement from the American Veterinary Medical Association regarding rumors of new strains of canine distemper virus:

It was recently brought to our attention that there are rumors circulating online about the existence of two new strains of canine distemper virus. These rumors are untrue. After consulting with two experts, Dr. Ed Dubovi (from Cornell) and Dr. Ron Schultz (from the University of Wisconsin), we provide the following information: There is no data to back up claims that the disease is on the rise on a national level, but there have been many outbreaks of distemper covered in the news media. Genetic studies of the canine distemper viruses in the U.S. may show strains that were previously undetected here, but it's almost impossible to determine if these strains are newly arrived or just newly detected because of improvements in testing. In addition, minor genetic changes often do not affect the antigenicity of the virus and have no impact on the efficacy of currently available vaccines. The currently available distemper vaccines are highly effective and will protect dogs against all currently circulating strains of canine distemper virus. The real issue is that there are unvaccinated (or inadequately vaccinated) and unprotected pets at high risk of developing a very deadly, yet preventable, disease. Dog owners are strongly urged to consult with their veterinarians regarding vaccination of their dog against distemper and other common diseases, including adenovirus, parvovirus and rabies.

Last updated on 2/15/12

A parvovirus outbreak was identified at the Occupy San Francisco camp. Link

Last updated on 2/15/12

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) again cautioned consumers that chicken jerky products for dogs (also sold as chicken tenders, strips or treats) may be associated with illness in dogs. In the last 2011 and early 2012 months, the FDA saw an increase in the number of complaints it received of dog illnesses associated with consumption of chicken jerky products imported from China. These complaints were reported to the FDA by dog owners and veterinarians. Link

Last updated on 9/19/12

2011 events:

According to Ballotpedia, Initiative-1130 will not be on the ballot this year, as proponents have shifted their support to a proposed federal law, instead.

Last updated on 9/8/11

Dr Mike Burdette was elected in August 2011 to serve as the Inland Empire Veterinary Medical Association's Executive Board representative with the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association.

Last updated on 9/8/11

We were at Chataqua this year. We fielded a lot of questions and thought the answers might be applicable to other people's situations. You can find them here.
Remember: if you picked up one of our business cards at our Chataqua booth, it has a coupon for five dollars off your next visit to the clinic.

Last updated on 7/16/11

We are happy to announce that, for all of 2011, we can offer $50 rebates on dental cleanings for pets! Simply get your dog or cat's full dental cleaning performed, and purchase a bag of Purina Dental Health food, and Purina will send you a $50 check. Please call our office for information about dental cleanings, and to make your pet's appointment.

Last updated on 5/18/11

Dr. Jes and Dr. Steve were at the North East Washington Fair in Colville on August 24th to perform health checks on animals competing in the fair.

Information about the Equine Herpes Virus outbreak of 2011 is available here.

Japan's disaster was tragic. The situation was frightening, even for those an ocean away. We knew that you may have had concerns about your health, and that of your pets. While your health is beyond the scope of the sevices we offer, we did find a link to some information that we hoped might set your mind at ease.

The Worms & Germs blog warned us to Beware of the "Rango" Effect: "When a particular animal species or breed gets a lot of attention, such as through a popular movie or TV show, there's sometimes a major increase in people wanting one as a pet."

Dr Andrea attended the Spokane Indian Housing Authority Home and Yard Event at the Pow Wow Grounds in Wellpinit on May 19. She offered educational information about vaccinations and spay/neuter procedures, and answered some questions about animal care. The Chewelah Veterinary Clinic also provided a door prize for the event.

Dr. Andrea took part in Read Across America Day this year, reading to and answering questions from a group of elementary school students.

"Outbreak of Human Salmonella Typhimurium Infections Associated with Contact with Water Frogs" warned the Center for Disease Control.

"Easter bunnies" and chicks are popular gifts around Easter, but unfortunately, many children who receive them become bored with them when they are no longer new and tiny. These unprepared critters may then get turned outside to fend for themselves. This is not in the best interests of the animal, or the local ecology. If you have an unwanted bunny or chicken, or know someone who does, do not release a house pet out into the wild! The do not adapt well, and most will simply starve or be eaten by a coyote or owl. Please contact a rescue about re-homing your unwanted Easter critters; many rescues, including those listed below, prepared for a "rush" of unwanted rabbits and chicks this spring, and are still willing to take them in.

Dr Steve participated in Sensational Saturday in Colville on February 5th. This year he taught a class on livestock nutrition. Sensational Saturday is an annual 4-H sponsored learning day, with a variety of free classes for kids of all ages.

The Chewelah Veterinary Clinic sponsored a 4th-5th grade "Biddy Ball" basketball team.

Biddy Ball 2011 Small

Left to right: Matthew, Skye, Brandon, Noah, Riley, John, Brad, Cruz, Robby, Carl (not pictured) Coach Rosie McKean.

Click the picture for a larger image.

For general questions, or to sign up for email reminders for your pet's vaccinations, please feel free to contact us at